Project Management Software for Executives

Project Performance Metrics at Your Fingertips

Executives, C-level stakeholders, and especially CFOs know that delivering projects on-time and within budget without visibility into project performance and the proper insight to make strategic decisions does not cut it.

Executives are an organization’s growth enablers– and driving business forward requires access to diverse datasets (profit, revenue, growth, optimization, and more) and a single platform that aggregates analytic output so that actionable strategic insight can be extracted.

Is Your Reporting Keeping Pace?

Without crucial, timely project information, it is difficult to align and communicate about your organization’s projects with a clear and convincing value realization strategy. Organizations often times try to make decisions based upon outdated data simply because their current manual processes and reporting takes weeks– ARES PRISM lets you run reports in minutes.

Do you have the right forward-facing and outward-facing data gathering and analytical capabilities in place to turn data into insight, and then insight into foresight? If not, ARES PRISM enterprise project controls software delivers the project data you need to make better strategic business decisions more confidently. You need project data visibility and transparency to accurately make decisions and convey them upwards at the board; outwards to investors, policymakers, regulators, customers and the public; and downwards through the organization.


Destroy data silos by centralizing data and providing efficient capital and budget management


Gain Complete Visibility

Standardize & Digitize
Corporate Objectives

Leverage Predictability

Powerful Project Performance Insight Across the Entire Life Cycle

ARES PRISM enterprise project management software provides unmatched cost control and visibility across the entire project lifecycle. Gain powerful performance insight that grants smarter decision-making and enforces industry best practices for greater project productivity and profitability.

Get Accurate Insight Delivered in the Format You Want

Executive Dashboards
Automating data collection and data loading, analytics and reporting with ARES PRISM can reduce low-value, manual work and processes. Visualize the data you need in the format that makes the most sense– swiftly download the reports and dashboards that you need to make strategic decisions.


Built-In Benefits for your Program Managers

  • Early identification of project risks
  • One source of data for all projects
  • Drill-down web-based portfolio dashboard
  • Digitize your organization
  • PRISM provides a justifiable ROI to company stakeholders
  • Improved data integrity
  • Promotes team approach to project execution
  • Reduce project staffing needs
  • Market project control capabilities to prospective clients

Make Better Business Decisions Faster

Standardized Project Controls
Out-of-the-box, ARES PRISM is ready to standardize best practices and processes within your organization to ultimately improve long-term plans and goals. Standardizing project controls allows you to not only improve the quality of the information, but also make better, faster decisions. Using performance metrics (KPIs, earned value, actuals, commitments) and other project measures from a single, auditable source of truth allows you to evaluate, forecast with precision, and make strategic project and resource decisions.

Real-Time Insight That’s Ready to Put Into Action

Superior Project Information System by Design
PRISM integrates project data seamlessly and securely across the entire project landscape pulling essential data from your organization’s ERP and accounting system, procurement system, and scheduling and timesheets systems into a central source. PRISM provides organization leaders with a trustworthy “single source of truth” and powerful analytics in real-time to maximize their returns and margins.

Deliver Projects
On-Time & Within Budget

Ready To Make Improvements to your Project Controls Strategy? ARES PRISM can help!