Trends in Project Management & Project Controls

Change Management in Project Management

Change management in project management is the controlling or managing of any deviation (or change) from the project plan that is in action. Change management, also known as change control, is the process of tracking and reacting according to the changes that are...

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Societal Benefits of Infrastructure Projects

ARES PRISM has been utilized on many major infrastructure projects across the globe, including mega projects. One of the things we love more than helping our customers stay on schedule and on budget are the benefits projects like these bring to society.  Take our...

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How Major Industries Are Digitizing Project Management

The ways in which major industries are digitizing their project management varies from one to the next, but they are all shifting over to digital processes and transforming the way their companies operate for the better. There are many challenges industries are...

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How To Improve Project Management Maturity

Organizations are always looking to advance their project management maturity levels, but sometimes the mindset is one of "We are already behind, and since systems are not already in place, we're too late." While many organizations have learned that it is often far...

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Timesheet Tracking Coming to ARES PRISM’s Cost Management

It’s about time! ARES PRISM is partnering with HMS Software to bring customers an integrated cost management and timesheet solution with TimeControl. Our enterprise cost management module will be equipped with HMS Software’s enterprise TimeControl timesheet software....

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Stop Using Excel to Manage Multiple Projects

Using Excel spreadsheets to track cost and progress for one project is manageable. Excel allows project managers to spend time creating colorful reports and checking their data for accuracy. However, for project managers who have more than one project, perhaps even a...

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