Celebrating 25 Years of Project Management Success Stories


The award-winning ARES PRISM enterprise project management software used across the globe in virtually every industry today was originally a modest cost management software that was developed out of necessity. Our sister company, ARES Corporation, is an engineering, risk & project management services provider, and while working on a project at Los Alamos National Lab (LANL), they needed a top-notch cost management solution, and quickly found that those available on the market simply were not meeting their needs.


First Rendition of ARES PRISM Launched

In 1995, supported by LANL, ARES developed the first rendition of ARES PRISM. The following year, we decided to share our valuable cost management software with others, and made ARES PRISM available commercially. Since it was created and designed by experienced project managers with years of industry knowledge, ARES PRISM was uniquely positioned to solve organization’s most difficult project challenges.


First Customer – North American Mining Company


A major North American mining company saw the value that ARES PRISM could provide them and became our first customer. Over the next few years, our team made major enhancements were made to the software; Procurement, Materials Management, Engineering Progress, and Estimating capabilities were added.


Expansion into Canada & the Oil & Gas Industry


In 2000, after becoming the go-to standard solution for the mining and metals industry, ARES PRISM gained traction with customers in the Calgary and Alberta tar sands and ventured into the oil and gas industry. This newfound business led to ARES PRISM establishing an office in Canada the following year.


Growth of Software Functionality & Customer Engagement


Afterwards, more software refinements were made to add additional functionality– including staffing plans, timesheets and expenses, integration with third-party tools, contracts administration and risk management capabilities. ARES PRISM worked closely with customers to learn about their problems and make sure that our software could provide solutions.


Going International with South African & Australian Offices


Shortly after all these improvements, our fast-paced path to becoming a global leader in project management software began. In 2007, after expanding to more than a dozen offices across the USA and Canada, ARES PRISM broadened its horizons to South Africa, and officially opened our first office outside of North America. In 2009, an office in Australia was opened to serve a growing customer base while also infiltrating the nuclear and commercial power industries in the USA and Africa. In addition, new multi-language capability was added, enabling more organizations to utilize ARES PRISM.


Release of PRISM G2 Offering & Expansion into Rail Industry in UK


Largely driven by market demand for a modern project management solution, PRISM G2 was released in 2010 offering the latest in technology frameworks. Over the next year, PRISM G2 would grow to include PRISM Cost, PRISM Engineering, PRISM Contracts, and PRISM Procurement modules. A standalone executive dashboard module, called PRISM Dashboard, was also introduced. Like our software, our global presence continued to spread; we opened our UK office that same year after entering the infrastructure and rail industries.


New Separate Entity Solely Focused on Software & Customers


2012 brought a great shift to ARES PRISM– In order to provide more dedicated PRISM support to clients, a decision was made to become more software-focused by separating ARES PRISM from ARES Corporation. ARES Project Management, LLC, (APM) was established– a new separate entity to solely focus on the software and its customers. That year, our PRISM Field Management module was developed, and established a presence in Dubai, UAE.

The next few years led to even more enhancements, graphical estimating capabilities, implemented change management workflows, and added review and approval thresholds were added. PRISM also began to be offered as a SaaS version for customers who prefer a web-based solution over an on-premise solution.


Introduction of PRISM Integrator & Bi-Directional Communication


In 2015, ARES PRISM introduced a game-changer for enterprises by adding PRISM Integrator to our modular offerings, allowing bi-directional communication to occur between PRISM and virtually any other software or system an organization utilizes.


Expanding ARES PRISM Suite & Award Winning Software


In 2017, in order to provide the highest quality product, ARES PRISM worked hard to increase quality assurance by implementing automated testing scripts. ARES PRISM also improved PRISM Dashboard capabilities, introduced PRISM Docs (our document management solution which tracks, manages, and stores documents), and enhanced PRISM Field to include punch lists, safety incidents, testing certificates, and photographs.

The ARES PRISM team also proudly accepted the AACE International “Excellence in Cost Management” award. In 2018, we won the “Global Award for Project Controls in a Mega Project” at the Project Controls Expo UK, and were finalists for “Technological Innovation of the Year” at the London Construction Awards.


Release of PRISM Go – Project Data in Your Pocket


In 2019, PRISM Go (the web extension complement to PRISM G2’s enterprise project controls software) launched. PRISM Go allows remote access into the core dataset. ARES PRISM also achieved ISO 27001 certification (to add next to our ISO 9001 and AS9100 certifications!).


25th Anniversary & Big Things Ahead!


In 2020, ARES PRISM celebrated its 25th anniversary! In 25 years, ARES PRISM has become a best-in-class project management solution for every industry, including Engineering & Construction, Government, Utilities, Energy, Infrastructure & Rail, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Mining, Biotechnology, and more. We put our customers first and use real feedback to make ARES PRISM a better product. In fact, this year we will be working on BIM visual integration and our highly anticipated PRISM Portfolio Management. Our software solution was developed out of necessity for our own project managers back in 1995, and since then we have never stopped innovating to make ARES PRISM the best enterprise project controls software available!


ARES PRISM Attracts Strategic Investment from M33 Growth and Welcomes New CEO Ryan Kubacki

M33 Investment in ARES PRISM

M33 Growth partners with founders and CEOs to help organizations break through as industry leaders. M33’s investment will accelerate the company’s product development and help scale the organization to a new level of growth. The company will continue to enhance its value proposition and product while living up to its reputation as a leading, customer-centric software provider with exceptional domain expertise. With the retirement of founder, Richard Stuart, ARES PRISM welcomes Ryan Kubacki as its new CEO.


Announcing New Global Headquarters in Naperville, Illinois

New ARES PRISM Headquarters

ARES PRISM has moved its corporate headquarters from Burlingame, California, to Naperville, Illinois. Fondly referred to as the ‘Silicon Prairie’, Naperville is a convenient, central hub for our teams across North America and its proximity to O’Hare Airport allows for easier travel for our international teams