Frequently Asked Questions

Top Questions

How much does ARES PRISM cost? Can I get a price quote?

Absolutely! Please fill out our Pricing Request form, and one of our local representatives will reach out quickly to send you a quote tailored to your needs. PRISM pricing is influenced by the volume of licenses, modules of interest, scale of implementation, and where the software will be installed (PRISM is available on-premise or in the cloud). With ARES PRISM there are no licenses minimum to meet, and pricing is not based upon project revenue.

How can I get my team trained in ARES PRISM?

We offer ARES PRISM training in both on-site and classroom-style formats. On-site training involves one of our trainers coming to your site and training your team. Classroom training is offered each quarter through our 3-day PRISM training course at our Houston office in Texas.

Can I submit an RFI or RFP to ARES Project Management?

Certainly! Please submit them via our Contact Us form, or email them to

Can I see ARES PRISM in action?

Yes! Schedule a brief online demonstration of the modules and aspects of ARES PRISM you are most interested in. The demo will be tailored to your interests and needs, and you will be speaking with a PRISM expert who can address any use-case questions you may have.

What differentiates ARES PRISM from its competitors?

ARES PRISM was designed and developed by project controls professionals like yourselves. We understand the challenges that your industry is facing and how projects should be set up. Since ARES PRISM is a ready to go, out-of-the-box solution, you will benefit from a fast implementation time enabling you to begin running reports quickly. The system can scale with you no matter what size projects you are managing – from small or medium-sized projects to megaprojects. Unlike our competitors, we have no license minimums that need to be met, and you can pick the modules your team or organization actually needs. Plus, ARES PRISM has a personal touch. You are not just a number to us. You are a valued customer and we treat you like one.

Can I get a trial of ARES PRISM?

After meeting with a PRISM expert to determine organizational needs and which modules would be the best fit, you can participate in a 30-day trial of PRISM software in a web-based environment.

Features & Functionality

Does PRISM integrate with Primavera P6? Will ARES PRISM work with the systems and software we are already using on our projects?

We want to help you maximize your previous investments. Firstly, PRISM comes ‘out-of-the-box’ with built-in integration to Microsoft Project, MS Excel, and Oracle Primavera P6. Secondly, our integration module, PRISM Integrator, is a project management integration platform that connects IT systems, ERP systems, financial systems and other legacy systems enabling companies to orchestrate data flow that supports business goals. Many of our customers use PRISM Integrator to integrate with their existing programs or systems.

Can PRISM import excel spreadsheets?

Yes, you can import excel spreadsheets through our PRISM import/export utility.

Does PRISM come with reports?

Yes, PRISM comes with over 200 standard reports that you can use right out of the gate!

Does ARES PRISM offer change management?

Yes, each PRISM module can perform change management, so that no matter which of our functional modules you are using, all changes are tracked and can be traced back to a single source of truth.

Is ARES PRISM available in different languages?

Yes, ARES PRISM is available in multi-language and multi-currency formats. Some of the language packs include English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, French, and more.

Can ARES PRISM be used on-site in the field?

Yes, PRISM Go allows remote access into the core data set and lets field members easily update project data in real-time to greatly improve project efficiency and accuracy, as well as increase visibility to management.

General Questions

How long has ARES PRISM been around?

ARES PRISM has been around 25 years and counting. Check out our historical timeline to see how we have evolved to become the go-to project controls software solution. Our software was developed out of a need by ARES Corporation project managers while working on a project at Los Alamos National Lab (LANL). The team needed a top-notch cost management solution and quickly found that those available on the market simply were not meeting their needs. Rest assured that your needs will be met with ARES PRISM. Afterall, it was originally created and developed for our own project management team!

Where is ARES PRISM located?

Our headquarters is located in Burlingame, California; however we have offices all across the globe in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Australia. To find the one nearest you, visit our Locations page.

Is there an ARES PRISM blog? How do I subscribe?

Yes, we encourage you to read the ARES PRISM blog. Subscribe here to be notified when we post new project controls content.

How does ARES Project Management protect my privacy?

ARES never shares your personal information with any third parties. At ARES PRISM we value privacy, transparency and control of your data. We fully abide by GDPR policies, not only with our emails, but within our site’s live chat system. Subscribe to our mailing list or our blog’s RSS feed to receive content and updates on ARES PRISM software.

What is PRISM G2?

The entire ARES PRISM suite consists of PRISM G2 (which includes the following core modules: Cost Management, Engineering Management, Procurement and Contract Management, and Field Management), in addition to four complementary products: PRISM Estimating, PRISM Docs, PRISM Integrator, and PRISM Dashboard. PRISM Estimating provides cost estimating functionality; PRISM Docs is a corporate document management system; PRISM Integrator is its industry-leading integration platform, and PRISM Dashboard is our business intelligence dashboard tool.

What if we already have a solution in place for some of the modules?

At ARES PRISM, we try to help our customers work smarter. We know there are innumerable software solutions available. ARES PRISM is a Cost Management software package with the flexibility to add-on additional project modules, if needed (PRISM Estimating, PRISM Docs, PRISM Dashboard, & PRISM Integrator). While we truly believe ARES PRISM works most completely when the entire software suite is implemented, we understand that organizations may already be committed to other solutions. We are flexible and allow our customers to purchase only the software they need.

Software Type

Is ARES PRISM Cost Management software?

Yes, cost management is the heart of ARES PRISM, but just as projects are not all about managing costs, PRISM is not all about cost management. PRISM is also about measuring progress and performance, and the most objective way to do that is to dive into the project’s details. This is why PRISM Cost Management includes: Engineering, Procurement, Contracts Management, Field Management. We also offer the option to add-on PRISM Estimating, PRISM Dashboards, PRISM Docs, & PRISM Integrator (our industry-leading Integrator module that bi-directionally connects other crucial systems already in use). Keeping track of the details provides for more accurate progress and performance data, which leads to more accurate forecast data.

Is ARES PRISM Project Management software?

Yes, ARES PRISM is project management software. It was written by project managers for project managers. ARES Project Management, LLC, has been providing project management services to major industry leaders for nearly 25 years. We’ve taken our employee’s practical and broad-based knowledge of project management and used it to develop a software solution which integrates Cost, Schedule, Estimating, Purchasing, Shipments, Contracts, Engineering, Procurement, and Field data.

Is ARES PRISM ERP or Risk Management software?

ARES PRISM is very often the heart of an organization’s project controls and overall project management. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the integrated management of core business processes, and it’s what PRISM does. Yes, ARES PRISM is certainly considered an ERP system, and it allows for real-time data and process management, as well as the integration with other software, systems and technologies.

In terms of risk management, ARES PRISM provides a risk register for identifying risk issues and using them to support more accurate forecasting. However, ARES PRISM is not a risk tool in the pure sense of the function. It does not calculate Monte Carlo simulations. That being said, ARES PRISM does integrate with software solutions that do perform Monte Carlo simulations.

Is ARES PRISM an Portfolio Project Management (PPM) Software?

Yes, ARES PRISM is a PPM system. It allows for real-time insight into projects and programs, and allows project managers and stakeholders to easily access and view project and program performance in report styles and views that makes sense and are up-to-date, enabling them to make better decisions with accurate information, faster. Our PPM solution is enterprise-ready and is able to help organizations scale their programs and increase collaboration while majorly reducing manual tasks, and automating consistent processes.

Is ARES PRISM an Enterprise Project Performance (EPP) Software?

Yes, ARES PRISM is a Enterprise Project Performance (EPP) software. ARES PRISM helps organizations meet business objectives and improve project performance for both individual projects and the entire enterprise.

Is ARES PRISM a PMIS (Project Management Information System)?

Yes, ARES PRISM is a Project Management Information System. A PMIS helps to plan, execute and close project management goals and provide managers with the decision-making support needed in planning, organizing, and controlling projects. During the planning process, project managers use a PMIS for budget framework such as estimating costs. ARES PRISM performs these functions. Other major components of a PMIS include: Scheduling, estimating, resource management, project documentation management, data management, dashboards, collaboration, and project control– all of which ARES PRISM offers.

Is ARES PRISM an Earned Value Management (EVMS)?

Yes, ARES PRISM is an Earned Value Management System (EVMS) which meets EIA-748 standards and helps organizations find variances in projects based upon the comparison of work performed and work planned.

Implementation & Support

How long does it take to implement ARES PRISM? Is it truly out-of-the-box?

ARES PRISM is truly out-of-the-box without any customization required which saves you valuable time and money. In fact, depending on the size, scale, and readiness of the project data, PRISM can be implemented in a matter of weeks.

Are we able to setup different access permissions for members of the team?

Yes, we realize that access requirements may be different for project executives, project managers, cost analysts, field team, etc. ARES PRISM allows the administrator to setup access permissions based on defined roles and responsibilities.

Will the IT department have to be heavily involved in the implementation of PRISM?

No. ARES PRISM implementation is fast because the system truly is an out-of-the-box solution that requires no custom coding. Many tools on the market will require more help from the IT department in order to get things set up and maintained. ARES PRISM removes that burden from your team (and the IT team!).

Where can I request support or submit a ticket?

We recommend that all customers join our Customer Support Community. Once signed up, you will have access to user manuals, information about the latest ARES PRISM product updates and releases, and the ability to quickly submit support tickets. For more information, visit our Customer Support page.

Is ARES PRISM’s software secure?

PRISM Go and our website operate within a secure socket layer (SSL). Additionally, ARES PRISM is ISO 27001 certified, ISO 9001 certified, and AS9100 certified. Our software is also Cyber Essentials Certified, meaning ARES PRISM achieved certification by meeting requirements of the Cyber Essentials Scheme which focuses on protection against a wide variety of cyber attacks. We are also Cyber Essentials Certified Plus, meaning ARES PRISM achieved certification by meeting requirements of the Cyber Essentials Plus Scheme which indicates a high level of cyber security with hands-on technical verification. We also have recommended security protocols for the deployment of ARES PRISM that we share with customers to help ensure the utmost security.

Resources Questions

Where can I find product information?

The best place to find ARES PRISM software product information is through our PRISM Brochure and Datasheets for information on specific ARES PRISM modules like Cost Management or Estimating. Or simply browse the product pages in the “Product” section of our website main menu.

Do you have any helpful resources like customer case studies, webinars or technical white papers?

Our Resource Center is a helpful place to start!

  • Learn how ARES PRISM is used in various organizations by viewing our customer case studies
  • For a more interactive way to learn about ARES PRISM, check out our on-demand Webinars
  • Another option is to check out our White Papers for general project controls, project management, and industry hot topics. 
  • Lastly, if you have a specific question about PRISM or simply wish to speak to someone, we suggest you request a tailored online demo of the software or reach out via our website live chat!

Which customers and projects are already using PRISM?

ARES PRISM is used by many organizations and projects around the globe. You can find out what our customers think about our software through our customer testimonials and customer use case studies. Or simply check out third-party review websites (like, or Software Advice) to see who is using PRISM on their projects and programs.;

Is ARES PRISM for executives or project managers?

The great thing about ARES PRISM is that there is something for everyone. Executives can get a complete view of project performance across the enterprise and can get reports in the format that they want. Project managers can have confidence in their data by replacing error-prone spreadsheets, dig into the details for analysis, and can shorten time spent on their monthly reporting cycles.

Is ARES PRISM primarily used in a specific industry?

ARES PRISM is used in nearly every major industry including Transportation and InfrastructureEngineering and ConstructionOil and GasMining and MetalsUtilities and Energy and more.

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