Contract Software

PRISM Contracts is contract software for project management. PRISM Contracts is an essential contracts management tool, whether you are an Owner, EPC or Construction Management firm. Customers take advantage of this solution to create prime contracts, manage Request for Proposal (RFPs), conduct bid analysis, create contracts with pay items, and award committed contracts.

PRISM Contracts: Project Contract Software


Streamline your RFP process


Improve bid analyses



Transform contract administration


Even fixed-price contracts are subject to change and need to be managed (baseline budget, approved budget, control budget, financial budget). PRISM Contracts offers staff planning for client personnel managing fixed-price contracts for Owner/Operators. With PRISM Contracts, you can monitor who is charging their hours on what contracts and their utilization. PRISM also offers risk management via its trends and risk register features.

Contracts Features

  • Collect contract bids, perform bid analysis, and award contracts
  • Add contract changes and send updated commitments to Cost Management for project reporting
  • Evaluate contract performance and calculate accurate progress
  • Record invoices and payments to complete contract transactions
ARES PRISM Contracts module screenshot

The PRISM Difference

  • Accurately track, manage and pay for complete work
  • Manage change through negotiation and approval
  • Track progress to determine earned payment amounts

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