Engineering Project Management Software

PRISM Engineering

PRISM Engineering software is an effective tool for measuring engineering progress— it is an earned value engineering progress solution designed for budgeting and monitoring hours by engineering tasks, deliverables, and packages. Our Engineering Management software allows users to evaluate progress based on user-defined milestones, linked schedule activities, or hours expended, and quickly enables project organizations to start laying out engineering work, estimate the number of drawings to produce, and estimate the number of specifications needed to purchase equipment.

Easily identify all engineering drawings, and keep track of engineering progress by determining the percent complete of each drawing or speculation to determine the overall percent complete by each established engineering discipline on the project with PRISM Engineering.

Benefits of Engineering Management Software

Control engineering progress to ensure success

Eliminate dependency on spreadsheets

Improve process workflow

Engineering Progress Tool

Set up Engineering Accounts (i.e. piping engineering, concrete engineering, etc.) in ARES PRISM to report productivity based on the hours budgeted for various engineering accounts. PRISM Engineering allows users the ability to identify all deliverables, and also take that engineering detailed information and summarize it to give detailed totals per engineering discipline or department. Man-hours and productivity can easily be tracked in PRISM Engineering by discipline or department.

Calculate percent complete based on budgeted hours and earned hours (the value of the work complete). Track engineering progress via HPI, SPI, histograms, and curves with ARES PRISM’s Engineering software. In PRISM, users can manage and track deliverables by discipline. Identify the type of discipline a deliverable is for and budget the hours or time to produce, assign, and measure the progress for that deliverable. 

Engineering Mgmt Features

  • Define, status, and progress engineering documents and other deliverables
  • Group and organize documents with flexible coding
  • Establish hour budgets by tasks and deliverables
  • Accurately measure progress by incorporating milestones
  • Link packages to the schedule to calculate time phased project plan
PRISM screenshot of Engineering tab

All Your Engineering Project Management Needs in One Solution

  • Link engineering to materials management and budgets to accurately measure progress and forecast total costs
  • Provide engineers with the best tools to keep tasks and deliverables on-time
  • Eliminate schedule creep with real-time visibility into progress
  • Status the engineering deliverables using milestones

Deliver Projects
On-Time & Within Budget

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