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Enterprise Field Management & Progressing

PRISM Field Management is an essential progressing tool for efficient and timely status updates from the field. Keep your team, including contractors and subs, on track by identifying critical issues when tasks are going over budget or falling behind schedule. 

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Construction Progress Software

PRISM Field is designed for companies who want and need construction project work details. With PRISM Field, you can determine percent complete for every instrument and installation on a jobsite. The software is a way to get into the details of items or components of items to determine percent complete accurately, and thereby determine construction progress. Get granular for actual, honest progress performance by breaking down each individual item, and creating separate accounts for each item which can be summarized to come up with percent complete for various disciplines or commodities (i.e., concrete work or piping). PRISM Field offers a total status for any commodity on the jobsite.

In PRISM Field, progress in terms of hours and cost. Reference progress accounts in each field meeting, handle safety incident identification and tracking (store information, track lost time, etc.), record photos of items and progress for daily or weekly construction reports (gives visibility to owners and stakeholders), store and record bid documents and drawings (linked to each progress account). Total status for any commodity on the jobsite. Punch lists within the PRISM Field module identify any deficiencies in inspection (turnover management / testing and commissioning to determine if items are built to specifications).

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Today, project controls professionals waste valuable time chasing people down for status updates from the field. When they finally receive updates, they come in all forms – sticky notes, paper scraps, text messages, e-mails – resulting in lost time and the need to manually enter statuses to report progress. With PRISM, progress can be accurately reported based on hours and installed quantities with user-defined rules of credit for complete performance measurement. With detailed field data throughout the project life-cycle, users will be alerted to issues in a timely manner allowing the rapid development of corrective actions to keep your projects on-time and within budget.

To allow users to access and update PRISM from the field, check out our Field Management web-based application, PRISM Go.

  • Define, status, and progress construction tasks on a routine basis
  • Organize data by WBS, CBS, area, phase, etc.
  • Budget tasks and deliverables by hours and quantities
  • Dynamically record actuals from field
  • Accurately measure progress and report productivity
  • Create daily field progressing reports

Mobile Capabilities with PRISM Go

  • Remote access to generate records and manage workflows
  • Status and forecast Progress Accounts directly from the jobsite
  • Track quantities installed and hours spent
  • Update rules of credit
  • Manage punch list items, document meetings, log injuries, send/receive action items
  • Collaboration with other departments, sites and external contractors

Deliver Projects
On-Time & Within Budget

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