PRISM Integrator

PRISM provides the required functionality to manage the complete procurement process for any size or type of project.  Generate the first engineering requisition through managing delivery of materials and equipment to the job site.

Seamless Integration

PRISM Integrator is an out-of-the-box integration platform that connects IT systems, ERP systems, and financial systems enabling you to orchestrate data flow that supports your business goals. Without complex code, you can connect information in your corporate environment with the PRISM enterprise project lifecycle management solution. The PRISM Integrator platform delivers enterprise-grade integration, business process automation, and data synchronization solutions. PRISM Integrator has the power and versatility to support a wide range of business processes and data synchronization scenarios.

Standard Integrations

PRISM Integrator seamlessly integrates with SAP, Microsoft Excel, Oracle, JD Edwards,, IBM, Email, Websites, CRM Systems, and more! PRISM Integrator also integrates with Oracle Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project.

Code-Free Data Mapping

PRISM Integrator simplifies the design and integration process by separating business logic from integration technology. You can make changes to prototype business models without affecting actual business or technology layers. With user-friendly, code-free tools like wizards, drag-and-drop, and tables, PRISM Integrator lets you create seamless connections with enterprise applications deployed on any hardware, operating system, or database technology.

It is flexible and scalable, resulting in an architecture that will let your organization adapt quickly to changing technologies and business conditions while lowering your IT costs. Not only will you greatly reduce the cycle time for cost analysis, you will also improve the quality and reliability of your data. With the new seamless integration, your project controls team will no longer need to worry about fiddling with manual export/import to get your data mapped correctly – eliminating the chance of errors.

Easy to Implement

PRISM Integrator can be up and running quickly! It features a comprehensive development studio and an unrivaled level of interoperability and connectivity for integrating a wide variety of technologies and standards, including databases, operating systems, web services, messaging, and more. With PRISM Integrator, you can:

  • Automate communication and shared data between PRISM, SAP R/3, and various other systems within the environment
  • Reduce mistakes and duplication caused by human error
  • Lower operational costs and reduce business risks
  • Improve revenue performance

The PRISM Difference


Create a uniform singular interface across all applications


Pre-built and certified adaptors to leading IT systems


Increase business performance and efficiency


Code free integration


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