Every organization’s needs are different, so we prefer a more personalized approach to project controls software.

ARES PRISM is enterprise project controls software that is project-ready right out-of-the-box. With over 25 years of project controls best practices built into the software, ARES PRISM is faster to deliver value, accuracy and performance. Pricing takes into consideration the number of licenses, requirements of the project, and scale of implementation. ARES PRISM is scalable and can grow with your organization from a project team of 10 to an enterprise roll out.

ARES PRISM Enterprise has cost management, contract management, change management, and reporting/dashboards functionality built into the software. Plus it’s all in a SaaS environment, which means dashboards, approvals, reports and contractor portals are available on mobile devices for users that are on site.

ARES PRISM Enterprise

Best-In-Class Project Controls Solution

Optimize Project Spend & Performance

Cost Management, Integrated Schedule & Earned Value Management

  • Cost Tracking: effectively control cost and simplify month-end progress reporting
  • Project Schedule Integration: easily integrate cost data with P6 or MS project
  • Time-Phased Budgets: establish time-phased budgets to represent cash flow plans for projects
  • Earned Value Management: helps organization’s meet government requirements and find variances in projects based upon the comparison of worked performed and work planned
  • Reporting: easily use enterprise reporting for enterprise cash flow analysis

Improve Visibility to Make Informed Decisions

Real-Time Executive Dashboards, Structured Data Warehouse, Pre-Built & Custom Reports

  • Real-time Executive Dashboards: report, analyze and make better decisions using real-time project data
  • Structured Data Warehouse: easily review data across all projects and portfolios
  • Pre-built and Custom Reports: show project insights, review actionable items for performance improvement, increase productivity within project controls teams

Account for Change & Maximize Efficiency

Change Management, Workflow Management, Certified Audit Trail

  • Trends: manage trends, potential changes, and change orders
  • Workflow Management: review and approve using workflows and authority levels
  • Certified Audit Trail: audit for tracking cost and schedule changes to the project’s baseline and forecast
  • Transparency: foster better project control via transparency, increased awareness, better decision-making, time saved and improved compliance.

Manage Contracts & Contractor Activity

Contract Management, Contract Workflow Design, RFP Management, Bid Analysis, Contractor Portal

  • Contract Workflow Design: setup standardized electronic workflow processes to substantially reduced turn-around times
  • RFP Management: effectively manage the entire RFP process
  • Bid Analysis: record contract bids, perform analysis, and award contracts
  • Contractor Portal: enable third party contractors and vendors to update project progress in a secure environment

We aim to help you see a return on investment quicker. By implementing ARES PRISM, our customers are seeing on average a 2% reduction in project spending which saves them $20M for every $1B in project spend!


Reduction in time needed to set up new projects


Reduction in time spent on change management


Reduction in annual project spending


Increase in projects that can be taken on per year

Customers can also take advantage of add-on functionality like estimating, carbon tracking, procurement, engineering, and field depending on their project requirements

Project Management


  • Consist and centralized estimates
  • 2D Takeoff, 3D Models, 5D BIM
  • Benchmarking


  • Connect IT systems, ERP systems, financial systems and other legacy systems
  • Facilitate the data flow that supports your business goals
  • Business process automation and data synchronization


  • Manage requisitions and purchase orders
  • Develop bid packages and perform bid analysis
  • Procurement scheduling, shipment expediting and supplier evaluations


  • Accurately measure progress based on user-defined milestones
  • Define, status and progress engineering documents
  • Establish hour budgets by tasks and deliverables

Carbon tracking:

  • Automated estimation, management and reporting of GHG and energy data
  • Built-in carbon rates aligned with BCIS and CESMM4
  • Compliance with mandates and regulations

Field Management:

  • Efficient and timely status updates from the field
  • Progress accurately reported based on hours and installed quantities
  • User-defined rules of credit for complete performance measurement

Deliver Projects
On-Time & Within Budget

Ready To Make Improvements to your Project Controls Strategy? ARES PRISM can help!