PRISM Go is a web extension complement to PRISM G2’s enterprise project controls software, allowing remote access into the core data set. PRISM Go lets field members easily update project data in real-time to greatly improve project efficiency and accuracy, as well as increase visibility to management.

PRISM Go Benefits

Insightful Reports and dashboards while you are out of the office


Team Collaboration with workflows, email integration and convenient notices and alerts

Real-Time Information Management allows remote updates using mobile devices

Universal Mobile Flexibility through web-based data entry. Intuitive, user-friendly interface

Web Access to Robust Project Management Software

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1. Dashboards: Analytics at a Glance!

Review and analyze data across all projects with business intelligence dashboards.

2. Reports: Hundreds of Reports in Your Pocket!

Take advantage of PRISM’s out-of-the-box report engine and have standard reports at your fingertips.

3. Web Forms for Remote Access

PRISM Go allows for remote access to generate records and manage workflows.

  • Cost Management: Capture and review progress information from the project team and the supply chain. Report performance data to project personnel and stakeholders.
  • Field Management: Status and forecast Progress Accounts directly from the jobsite. Track quantities installed and hours spent, update rules of credit, manage punch list items, document meetings, log injuries, send/receive action items – all from a mobile device.
  • Change Management: Generate change orders and trends as well as manage the change approval process.
  • Invoice Management: Generate invoices, manage reviews/approvals, etc.

PRISM Go Features

  • Intuitive interface for document access and control
  • Simple search tools to find documents anywhere
  • Document security and granular control over document access
  • Collaboration with other departments, sites and external contractors
  • Visualize, markup & compare hundreds of document formats
  • Automated version control

The PRISM Difference


Simple and flexible tool for solving the most complex data management, workflow and collaboration changes


Adapts to the
unique needs of
the business, regardless of size
or complexity


Leaves files and folders in native format


Comprehensive audit trail to track every document change 

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