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PRISM Estimating

PRISM Estimating is project cost estimation software designed for organizations that require consistency and centralization of estimates and estimating data. With PRISM Estimating, users can create conceptual estimates for feasibility studies resulting in a range of detailed estimates that help to win work and develop sound budgets. We know you’ve been getting by with spreadsheets, but MS Excel cannot control, validate, or standardize any of the inputs or formula calculations within each estimate; it’s time for a better, more accurate estimate.

Project Estimating & Benchmarking Benefits

Work collaboratively on the same estimates and historical databases

One system covering all estimate classes

Eliminate project risks by aligning estimate, budgeted cost and schedule

5D+ Cost Estimating with PRISM Estimating

Improve Accuracy & Efficiency with 5D Building Information Modeling (BIM). The smart-linking of individual 3D components or assemblies with time and schedule constraints makes it 4D BIM, and further integrating it with cost-related information makes it 5D BIM. 

  • Full take-off done using 2D and 3D Models – Structural & Architectural
  • Reduce take-off effort by up to 75%
    (from 10-12 people to only 2-3)
  • Decrease take-off time up to 80%
    (from 0.5-1 day instead of a week)
  • Repeatable and consistent shape of BOQs
  • Transparent and accessible source of project information
  • Multiple views and workflows to fit individual needs

Accurately Estimate Project Cost & Time

PRISM Estimating screen shot of construction modeling
  • Multiple Estimators can work on the same estimates in real-time and experience true team collaboration
  • Roles can be defined for the different Estimators, enabling or restricting them to perform specific tasks
  • Flexible report writer enables the users to produce any kind of reports or analytics their organization or management is looking for
  • Consistency in the estimates can be achieved, even from company offices in different countries
  • Integrated processes can be provided to link the estimate with Project Controls, Accounting, or Procurement through web services technologies
  • Organizations can add as many seats as they want and grow their knowledge base quickly
  • A global knowledge base can be built allowing comparisons between different countries or cities, as well as cost optimization in regards to procurement and fabrication locations
  • 2D takeoff provides integration with the Estimate Spreadsheet and Smart Assemblies that will cut your takeoff time in half!
  • 3D Models and extract quantities in order to generate a Bill of Materials in minutes. Model Objects can be associated to your resource database and man-hours to quickly arrive at a cost estimate

Carbon Estimating, Tracking & Reporting with PRISM Estimating


PRISM Estimating includes carbon estimating capabilities to provide a single platform for the estimation of cost and carbon from cradle to grave. When paired with the PRISM Cost module, this feature within PRISM Estimating extends the capability to include carbon tracking at the period end.

Within PRISM Estimating, embedded carbon is held at resource level and calculated as the estimate is developed. This functionality supports the organization by enabling them to observe the changes to cost and carbon as the estimator alters the materials being considered and construction processes to be used. Tracking carbon within the software enables project organizations to explore multiple options when assessing cost against carbon. This offers our customers a clear comparison of cost and carbon trade-offs to be undertaken with little additional effort.

CosMo: Cost Modeling & Benchmarking Add-On to PRISM Estimating

CosMo is a PRISM Estimating add-on that allows users to perform benchmarking, project history recording, and project analysis. Like all PRISM software, it can be hosted on your own servers or in a cloud-based model. It allows historical estimates or actual completed costs to be pushed to CosMo from PRISM Estimating. Project data is linked to maps and user-set categories, allowing you to easily bring historical cost data to various reference points. Benchmarks can be created in mere seconds within CosMo to provide cost figures to stakeholders from project history.

GULF Companies Reduction in Estimating Man-hours, Improved Productivity and Standardization

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PRISM Estimating

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Realizing Project Potential with
Enterprise Estimating Software

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The Ultimate Project Estimating Solution

  • Work collaboratively on the same estimate and historical databases
  • Increased efficiency through team collaboration
  • Business intelligence and analytics enabling decision making with increased speed and accuracy
  • One system covering all estimate classes
  • Eliminate project risks by aligning estimate, budgeted cost and schedule

Deliver Projects
On-Time & Within Budget

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