PRISM Dashboard

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Transform The Way You Manage Projects

  • Make more informed business decisions with real-time data
  • Save significant capital costs
  • Bring all of your PRISM data together in one intuitive dashboard
  • Spot project trends and identify projects with the greatest risks
  • Easily determine when to take action on ‘suspect’ projects
PRISM Change Orders dashboard

Build Dynamic Visualizations


Discover Key Project Insights


Take Your Analytics to the Next Level


Focus On What Is Important and Matters Most


Customize Your View


PRISM performance Dashboard

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PRISM Dashboard provides a series of pre-designed dashboard views, showing progress and performance information based on industry best practices.  Dashboard users have access to Enterprise as well as Project specific views showing:

  • Budgeted, Actual and Forecasted Costs
  • Approved and Pending Changes
  • Schedule Milestones
  • Time-Phased (Cash Flow) Data
  • “Narratives” that provide written descriptions on progress, performance, scope of work, and safety issues

All of these views allow users the ability to manipulate the Dashboard data on the fly, thereby presenting the data from a different perspective based on your company’s coding standards. ARES’ dashboard can be tailored to each managers specific needs throughout the organization.

Intuitive Interface

PRISM Dashboards is an intuitive tool that lets you see every change as you make it. Project Controls Professionals use it to see and understand project, program and portfolio performance at a glance. Work at the speed of thought without ever taking your eyes off the data. Anyone with a basic understanding of Excel will find it easy to use the tool.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Using PRISM Dashboard you can publish interactive dashboards in seconds, then embed them in a project SharePoint site or view them on an iPad or Android tablet. Because your viewers need only a web browser or a tablet to access the dashboards they can filter, sort, and answer their own questions anywhere, anytime.  Finally, your insights move out of project controls and into the core of your business.

Collaborative project data


Single source of the truth


Instant Business Intelligence


Accessible anywhere


The PRISM Difference

Easy to create and share dashboards with the project team, the owner, or anyone that needs fast visual performance information
Expertly designed to be the best dashboard for project management data in the world
We Offer Made-To-Order Dashboards
Only a few clicks to publish allowing you to spend more time on analysis, and less time on IT

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