Project Procurement Software

PRISM Procurement is project procurement management software that provides the required functionality to manage the complete procurement process for the lifecycle of any project size or type. Manage requisitions and purchase orders, handle procurement scheduling, shipment expediting and supplier evaluations all within PRISM Procurement.

Project Procurement Software Benefits

Streamline Procurement Processing

Increase Operational & Capital Efficiency

Enhance Visibility & Control

ARES PRSIM purchase order screen

PRISM Procurement Software Features

  • Develop bid packages from requisitions, perform bid analysis, and award purchase orders
  • Generate engineering requisitions and purchase orders
  • Track shipments of materials and equipment
  • Measure fabrication progress against the project schedule
  • Integrate with Cost Management as a source for commitments in project reporting
  • Record invoices and payments to complete purchase order transactions

The PRISM Difference

  • Flexible and easy to learn and maintain
  • Role-based solution for all procurement professionals
  • Generate requisitions and track required delivery
  • Maintain supplier performance scorecards

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