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ARES PRISM is robust enterprise project controls software that is used across the globe in all major industries to help deliver projects on-time and within budget. Our software is a project management solution that excels at project controls by bringing all project data into a centralized location. The primary focus of project controls is to effectively plan, monitor and control the project’s time and schedule through the entire lifecycle. PRISM software also tackles change management and earned value management (EVM).

Project Controls for the Entire Project Life Cycle

PRISM project controls software helps project control teams manage the project’s budgeted tasks and schedules throughout its lifecycle, so that at any given time they can accurately report the project health to the project managers. The aim of every project controls team should be the delivery of actionable information, at the right time, in the appropriate format and correctly contextualized; PRISM helps project control managers do this.

Project planning and project monitoring are made easier with PRISM. The project plan is imperative to project management; without it no one can say with certainty where a project stands. PRISM collects and centralizes all of this information from users, so project control manager can spend less time gathering information from various departments and spreadsheets, and more time analyzing the real-time cost and schedule data.

Integrated Project Controls

Project control teams interact and integrate with critical project teams, and so does ARES PRISM. Gathering cost and schedule data from technical team leads, procurement team leads, construction managers, project managers, vendors and subcontractors, and finance team members and centralizing it is what PRISM is for. PRISM software natively integrates with many key industries’ systems, and via our PRISM Integrator module, PRISM can integrate with practically any legacy system or in-house software your organization is already using. 

Our project controls software allows for immediate project data into how vendors and subcontractors are performing against their budgets and how they are delivering against their key milestones.

Project Controls at All Project Stages

PRISM project controls software is there for the entire project’s lifecycle, from project initiation (setting up cost and schedule data in PRISM) to project closeout.

  • Project Planning: PRISM project control software integrates the project’s scope of work, its schedule, and its budget/estimate. The project’s cost estimate and size (or schedule) are decided upon at initiation. Then, gathering information and data from the various teams on a project regarding the project’s tasks and their costs helps a project control managers determine how long a project’s tasks will take to complete, and how much these project tasks will cost to get completed. 
  • Project Cost & Schedule Status Updates during Project Execution: PRISM project controls software summarizes the project’s cost and schedule data to Control Accounts. This project data is time-phased across the project calendar and becomes your organization’s baseline from which you can measure project progress and performance. 
  • Project Cost & Schedule Forecasts: From this baseline, PRISM can forecast the project’s Estimate to Complete (ETC) and the Estimate at Completion (EAC). Forecasting the project’s time and cost helps to minimize the project from deviating from its baseline.
  • Project Cost & Schedule Recovery Planning: It is almost inevitable that something will deviate from the original project plans in terms of cost and schedule. These cost and schedule changes are unexpected, but they happen. PRISM project controls software makes it easier for project control managers to develop recovery plans when these project changes occur and avoid scope creep. With all the project’s cost and schedule data is available in one place, PRISM helps bring projects back on track so they can still be delivered on-time and within budget.

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