Project Controls Software for Project Controls Teams

Manually entering project data or seeking out the most recent version of various spreadsheets from everyone so that you can analyze how aspects of the project are performing and report them accurately to the management team is stressful, especially when on a schedule.

ARES PRISM project controls software is made for end users like project controls professionals to deliver integrated, real-time visibility across the entire project lifecycle from a single, easy-to-use platform. Eliminate the redundant manual effort of compiling data and creating reports, and have more time and energy for high-value tasks like actually analyzing the data at hand.

Single Point of Truth Reporting

Whether you are cost estimators, cost controllers, planners/schedulers, procurement specialists, contract managers, document controllers who report to a project controls manager, or are a project control manager, ARES PRISM brings everyone’s project data into one single platform.

ARES PRISM pulls integrated data across accounting, procurement, scheduling and timesheets systems so you and your team can spend time reviewing and analyzing data instead digging through faulty spreadsheets with numerous versions or trying to track down and gather the data you need to report.


A project management system with a project controls solution for every aspect of your team

Cost Estimating,
Cost Management &
Earned Value Management

Forecasting, Change Management
& Engineering Management
Contract, Field Management,
Procurement & Document Control

People, Processes & Project Software for Project Controls Success

Surface-level data analysis, unruly and error prone spreadsheets, and unnecessary and time-consuming data entry should not be a part of project controls. ARES PRISM provides in-depth insight, adaptable dashboards and reporting, and automated workflows and data collection so that you can save time and focus on more meaningful work.


Easy-to-Use Project Software

ARES PRISM is an intuitive project management software that offers varying access levels, so as not to bog down users with features and functions they do not need while keeping valuable business processes in place. PRISM has a familiar navigation method similar to the “ribbon menu” design used in common Microsoft products. This allows new users to be productive from the start and easily trained in the software.

Built-In Project Controls Benefits

  • Eliminate dependency on Excel spreadsheets
  • Standardize coding and procedures across projects
  • Timely issuance of project status reports
  • Employee availability and staff plan reporting
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Reduce staffing needs
  • PRISM is a benchmarking tool for new projects and proposals:

– Provides estimating rates and prices
– Historical data analysis

  • Report status across projects

Download the White Paper:
The Five Pillars of Project Controls

Follow Industry Standards with Compliant Project Controls

ARES PRISM follows industry best practices and standards so that you and your team are following them, too. ARES PRISM project controls software is compliant with standards from reputable organizations including AACE International, Project Management Institute (PMI), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), U.S. Department of Defense, and others. Additionally, the software has also achieved ISO 9001 certification, AS9100 certification, and ISO 27001 certification.

Since ARES PRISM is meant to be used across the entire lifecycle of a project, it is the ideal solution from a project’s set-up through to its completion. Regardless of the size and complexity of a project, the aim of every project controls team is to deliver actionable information at the right time, and in the appropriate format. ARES PRISM empowers you to deliver projects in the most timely and efficient manner.

For more information on how ARES PRISM helps project controls teams deliver, read our white paper on “The Five Pillars of Project Controls”.

Deliver Projects
On-Time & Within Budget

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