Project Management Software for Project Managers

Real-Time Visibility Across the Entire Project Lifecycle

It is a difficult undertaking to manage a project’s scope, timeline, and budget, and in the end deliver the expected value to your organization. Especially when you have standards to meet and inefficiencies to reduce. Gain confidence in your project’s performance data and earn stakeholder trust with reporting speed and accuracy with ARES PRISM.

ARES PRISM project management software delivers visibility and transparency across the entire project lifecycle, and eliminates redundant data collection and time wasted creating cumbersome reports. With global project standards built-in, you and your team gain confidence in project data accuracy. Precisely measure, forecast and maintain on-time and within project delivery, gain increased productivity in more high-value work by reducing manual processes, and improve overall project efficiency with intuitive reporting and analysis.

Improved Visibility Means Time Better Managed

ARES PRISM delivers seamless integration across the entire project lifecycle in an accessible single platform. A true view of the project landscape, including integrated data across accounting, procurement, scheduling and timesheets systems means more time spent reviewing and analyzing reported data instead of gathering reports or fumbling through error-prone spreadsheets.


ARES PRISM centralizes data and provides a means for increasing project maturity with improved processes and efficiency

Real-Time Cost Tracking
Variance Analysis & Forecasting

Mitigate Risk, Manage
Trends & Control Changes
Seamless Data Integration
Throughout the Project Lifecycle

Project Management is Critical to Business Performance & Organizational Success

According to a PwC study, 97% of organizations believe that project management is critical to business performance and organizational success. The study found that 44% of project managers do not use any software, despite that using commercially available project management software has been known to improve performance and project satisfaction.

If your team or department is experiencing shallow data analysis, unmanageable spreadsheets and reports, and redundant and manual data collection and validation, you need project controls software. ARES PRISM provides in-depth insight, flexible dashboards and reports, and automated data entry validation.

 Built-In Benefits for Project Managers

  • One source for all project data
  • Improve data integrity
  • Quick “what-if” scenarios
  • Faster issuance of project status reports – 4 days!
  • Earned Value analyses and reporting
  • Intuitive interface for making inquiries
  • Integrated change management with approval process
  • Reduce project staffing requirements
  • Easy-to-use reports at your fingertips
  • Dashboard reporting to executive management

Easy-to-Use PM Software Solution

An intuitive interface and powerful business intelligence engine provides clear and accessible insights into all levels and stages of the project lifecycle. With a familiar “ribbon menu” design used to navigate in various Microsoft products, users are often productive from the moment they are on-boarded, and even more so once they have received training. ARES PRISM is a commercial-off-the-shelf solution that is fast to learn, fast to implement and requires little involvement from the IT department (unlike customized solutions). Project teams are not required to have a technical background and therefore are more self-sufficient and able to navigate, set up project data, monitor progress and performance and create new reports, views and dashboards that they need.


Download the White Paper:
Why Using Excel Is Lining You Up For Failure

Replacing Spreadsheets for Project Management Software

Even though best-in-class organizations are using project management software to deliver their projects successfully, many organizations are slow to adopt software. According to a 2018 study conducted by Wellingtone, only 22% of organizations use a project management software. Meanwhile, 55% of organizations do not have access to real-time key performance indicators (KPIs). As a result, half of respondents said that they spend one or more days manually collating project reports – highlighting the immense productivity gains using project management software brings.

Spreadsheets are a powerful tool; there’s no question in that. However, using spreadsheets to manage a multi-billion-dollar project is risky. Ultimately, the question is whether you are 100% confident in the project data and have absolute control. Organizations that use MS Excel to manage their portfolio of projects are limited in project size– constantly checking for errors, combatting version control or security, and scrambling to gather data for month-end reporting. It’s time to shift to strategic project management using project controls software.

ARES PRISM provides a role-based platform that simplifies data collection, validation, and month-end reporting. The result: real-time forecasting and predictive trend analysis. If your organization is still using unwieldy spreadsheets to manage project data, read our white paper on “Why Using Spreadsheets to Manage Your Projects Is Lining You Up for Failure”.

Deliver Projects
On-Time & Within Budget

Ready To Make Improvements to your Project Controls Strategy? ARES PRISM can help!