Integration in a Project Controls Environment

In a project controls environment, integration of project, program and portfolio data is essential to make key business decisions. This white paper explores how to effectively integrate project controls data, defines service oriented architecture and its interactions with applications and discusses the benefits that can be realized by managing programs from a central point.

AACE Earned Value Management

This white paper explores the 32 EVM principles in the ANSI standard EIA-748C; taking these 32 principles and associating them with the National Defense Industrial Association’s (NDIA) Earned Value Management Systems Intent Guide. Learn how to use ARES PRISM to conform to the AACE International Recommended Practice 82R-13 today.

AECOM – Increasing Scalability & Reducing Project Cost

This case study explores how AECOM, a global engineering and construction company, is utilizing ARES PRISM project lifecycle management software to massively reduce project cost, gain complete insight into their data, and improve repeatability of analysis.

Effective Change Management

This webinar discusses effective change management and how it can be accomplished using the ARES PRISM suite of enterprise project management software.

Top Risks Mitigation Strategies

This white paper explores ten common risks associated with software solution implementations. Best-in-class organizations invest in enterprise solutions. But sometimes the implementation fails to deliver a Return on Investment (ROI) because these risks were not recognized and managed.

Why Do We Need Good Project Controls?

Explore why project management cannot be successful without strong project controls to keep the project on track. This white paper identifies the components that make up a good project controls system (people, processes, and software) and how this system ultimately helps an organization to achieve success.

Highways England – Cost Certainty, Increased Accountability, Dependable Reports & Improved Organizational Project Maturity

Highways England has since enhanced their project management maturity level and has experienced efficiency and cost savings due to the reduction in manual intervention.

Crossrail Limited – Automated Change Management Approval Process

This case study shares how Crossrail Ltd implemented PRISM to increase confidence in data, create a dependable audit trail for all project changes, and produce executive reports just five days after month end.

The Pros & Cons of Enterprise Estimating Software

This white paper explores why it is important to investigate construction estimating software; what functionality should be sought after and, most importantly, how to achieve a successful implementation within the organization while delivering a good return on investment.


6 Reasons Your Organization Needs Project Management Software

Some projects fail; that’s just reality. A survey conducted by PwC found that more than 60 percent of project failures are linked to internal project issues (e.g., missed...

Holistic View of Integrated Breakdown Structures

This webinar discusses how different project breakdown structures fit together from a practical viewpoint. All disciplines on a project have some sort of breakdown structure of how they group information. Most of the time, these breakdown structures do not talk to each other. Learn how to integrate them at a level sufficient to run reports across each structure using the same set of data.

Why Project Organizations Need Hosted Project Controls Software

This webinar recording discusses five key advantages of hosted project controls software and the benefits of moving from on-premise to the cloud.

5 Pillars of Project Controls

Explore the fundamental elements required to deliver a mature, effective and robust project controls capability. The aim of every project controls team should be the delivery of actionable information, at the right time, in the appropriate format and correctly contextualized. Learn more about the Five Pillars of Project Controls:

Praetorian – Flexible Cost Management Solution for Centralized Project Controls

This case study shares how Praetorian Construction Management uses PRISM to help provide project management services to a wide variety of clients. PRISM gives Praetorian the flexibility they need while also increasing data accuracy, creating useful reports, and improving forecasting and trending.

What Is Change Control in Project Management?

Change management, also known as change control, is the process of tracking & reacting according to the changes that are happening within a project or program.

Low Level Waste Repository – Enterprise Reporting & Earned Value Management

This case study shares how LLW Repository Ltd used PRISM to improve reporting, reduce reliance on spreadsheets, and increase control over their processes. They are now able to produce reports quickly while having total confidence in their data.


PRISM Cost Management Datasheet

Develop time-based budgets and forecasts, measure project performance and productivity using cost, hour and quantity control while integrating project schedules and cost estimates. All with ARES PRISM’s Cost Management Tool.

Introduction to Estimation

Watch our 30-minute webinar to learn about the core technologies and techniques for estimation. Professor Andrew Langridge covers the basics of what makes a good estimate, and discusses different estimating approaches, the importance of sensitivity analysis, and the use of heat maps and bench-marking.

Strategies for Highly Effective PMOs

Strategies for Highly Effective PMOs

The Project Management Office (PMO) is responsible for enabling the decision-making process; verifying and reporting progress; and facilitating communication across the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Project Management Contract (PMC), and Owner Operator (OO). This white paper provides strategies utilized by high performing and maturing PMOs to accomplish these goals.

Using ARES PRISM Project Controls Software for Small to Medium Projects

This webinar discusses how ARES PRISM project controls software can be used not only on megaprojects, but small and medium sized projects, too. Join us as we create a simple project – planning a party with PRISM.

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