Top Risks Mitigation Strategies

This white paper explores ten common risks associated with software solution implementations. Best-in-class organizations invest in enterprise solutions. But sometimes the implementation fails to deliver a Return on Investment (ROI) because these risks were not recognized and managed.

GULF Companies – 10% Reduction in Estimating Man-hours, Improved Productivity and Standardization

This case study explores how GULF Companies, who specialize in project management, engineering and construction management, utilizes ARES PRISM estimating software to improve standardization, quality control, and reduce estimating man-hours.

Why Project Organizations Need Hosted Project Controls Software

This webinar recording discusses five key advantages of hosted project controls software and the benefits of moving from on-premise to the cloud.

Why Do We Need Good Project Controls?

Explore why project management cannot be successful without strong project controls to keep the project on track. This white paper identifies the components that make up a good project controls system (people, processes, and software) and how this system ultimately helps an organization to achieve success.


6 Reasons Your Organization Needs Project Management Software

Some projects fail; that’s just reality. A survey conducted by PwC found that more than 60 percent of project failures are linked to internal project issues (e.g., missed...

4 Tips for Surviving Project Management Software Implementations

Your team has meticulously researched project controls software solutions & finally selected a great fit, but now comes the hard part – The Implementation.

Effective Change Management

This webinar discusses effective change management and how it can be accomplished using the ARES PRISM suite of enterprise project management software.


South32 is a globally diversified mining and metals company that mines, processes, exports and sells to domestic and international markets. They have a strong presence in Australia, as well as operations in Southern Africa and South America. South32 develops natural resources that are a part of daily life, including aluminium, bauxite, lead, nickel, silver, and manganese. These commodities help power homes, start cars, and construct buildings and infrastructure.

National Highways – Cost Certainty, Increased Accountability, Dependable Reports & Improved Organizational Project Maturity

Learn how National Highways (formerly Highways England) standardized their cost management approach, and improved reporting and visibility into project performance with ARES PRISM.

Why Project Owners Need Project Controls

This white paper explores best practices for owners to follow in regards to effective project management. It analyzes the level of control an owner needs when managing their projects, the various steps an owner can take to ensure that their projects are being managed correctly, and highlights the benefits to integrated project controls.


Project Management Maturity: Using Software to Setup Project Management Processes

Learn how to improve your organization’s project management maturity level, and the processes for setting up your project for success with industry standards.


How To Choose the Right Pilot Project for New Software

When implementing project lifecycle management software, like ARES PRISM, it is a common practice to select a pilot project that represents a cross section of characteristics...
Driving ROI

Driving ROI: The Business Case for a Proven Enterprise Project Controls Solution

Inefficiencies created by manual processes lack change management controls and the visibility needed to avoid potential risks. They also impact the number of projects that can be managed at once,
limiting revenue and/or savings opportunities. This white paper highlights examples of operational and business benefits that can be realized with a comprehensive project controls solution.

Holistic View of Integrated Breakdown Structures

This webinar discusses how different project breakdown structures fit together from a practical viewpoint. All disciplines on a project have some sort of breakdown structure of how they group information. Most of the time, these breakdown structures do not talk to each other. Learn how to integrate them at a level sufficient to run reports across each structure using the same set of data.

Strategies for Highly Effective PMOs

Strategies for Highly Effective PMOs

The Project Management Office (PMO) is responsible for enabling the decision-making process; verifying and reporting progress; and facilitating communication across the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Project Management Contract (PMC), and Owner Operator (OO). This white paper provides strategies utilized by high performing and maturing PMOs to accomplish these goals.

Golden Thread of Change Management

The Golden Thread of Change Management provides traceability of changes, allowing organizations to follow a change from its current position back through the entire life of the project. This white paper explores the importance of having robust change management procedures, processes, and tools on a project.

ICMS Standards & Value of Cost Management Software Alignment

ICMS is an international standard created to provide organizations with a consistent means of grouping, classifying, and reporting construction and infrastructure project costs. The standards provide categorizations for all the costs associated with a project and is meant to provide consistency across countries and locations. This white paper addresses what ICMS is, what the current benefits and limitations of the standards are, and how the standards are expected to change in the near future.

AECOM – Increasing Scalability & Reducing Project Cost

This case study explores how AECOM, a global engineering and construction company, is utilizing ARES PRISM project lifecycle management software to massively reduce project cost, gain complete insight into their data, and improve repeatability of analysis.

Crossrail Limited – Automated Change Management Approval Process

This case study shares how Crossrail Ltd implemented PRISM to increase confidence in data, create a dependable audit trail for all project changes, and produce executive reports just five days after month end.

Digital Transformation of Project Organizations

This recorded live webinar discusses a practical, business-oriented approach to digital transformations, and how organizations can answer important questions before they launch their own programs.

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