Introduction to Estimation

Watch our 30-minute webinar to learn about the core technologies and techniques for estimation. Professor Andrew Langridge covers the basics of what makes a good estimate, and...

Using ARES PRISM Project Controls Software for Small to Medium Projects – Webinar

This webinar discusses how ARES PRISM project controls software can be used not only on megaprojects, but small and medium sized projects, too. Join us as we create a simple project – planning a party with PRISM.

Integrated Project Controls Webinar

This webinar discusses integrated project controls and shows the user journey from a simple BOQ to building a performance measurement baseline in an integrated approach. This...

Earned Value Cheat Sheet

Find yourself forgetting important Earned Value formulas and symbols? Use this handy cheat sheet to refresh your memory! Click here for a printable version. Earned Value...

Integration in a Project Controls Environment

In a project controls environment, integration of project, program and portfolio data is essential to make key business decisions. This white paper explores how to effectively integrate project controls data, defines service oriented architecture and its interactions with applications and discusses the benefits that can be realized by managing programs from a central point.

Why Project Organizations Need Hosted Project Controls Software

This webinar recording discusses five key advantages of hosted project controls software and the benefits of moving from on-premise to the cloud.


Project Management Maturity: Using Software to Setup Project Management Processes

Learn how to improve your organization’s project management maturity level, and the processes for setting up your project for success with industry standards.

Effective Change Management

This webinar discusses effective change management and how it can be accomplished using the ARES PRISM suite of enterprise project management software.

Measuring Project Performance With Earned Value Management

According to the Project Management Institute, earned value management is a management methodology for integrating scope, schedule, and resources; for objectively measuring...

Golden Thread of Change Management

The Golden Thread of Change Management provides traceability of changes, allowing organizations to follow a change from its current position back through the entire life of the project. This white paper explores the importance of having robust change management procedures, processes, and tools on a project.

Holistic View of Integrated Breakdown Structures

This webinar discusses how different project breakdown structures fit together from a practical viewpoint. All disciplines on a project have some sort of breakdown structure of how they group information. Most of the time, these breakdown structures do not talk to each other. Learn how to integrate them at a level sufficient to run reports across each structure using the same set of data.


4 Tips for Surviving During Project Management Software Implementation

Your team has meticulously researched project controls software solutions & finally selected a great fit, but now comes the hard part – The Implementation.

5 Pillars of Project Controls

Explore the fundamental elements required to deliver a mature, effective and robust project controls capability. The aim of every project controls team should be the delivery of actionable information, at the right time, in the appropriate format and correctly contextualized. Learn more about the Five Pillars of Project Controls:

Crossrail Limited – Automated Change Management Approval Process

This case study shares how Crossrail Ltd implemented PRISM to increase confidence in data, create a dependable audit trail for all project changes, and produce executive reports just five days after month end.

What’s New in ARES PRISM Version 4.7

This webinar recording discusses new Version 4.7 features available in PRISM G2 & PRISM Go. It also provides a sneak peek into upcoming software enhancements.

Why Project Owners Need Project Controls

This white paper explores best practices for owners to follow in regards to effective project management. It analyzes the level of control an owner needs when managing their projects, the various steps an owner can take to ensure that their projects are being managed correctly, and highlights the benefits to integrated project controls.


Time-Phased Budgets vs Cost-Loaded Schedules

This webinar discusses the differences between a time-phased budget and a cost-loaded schedule in the creation of a Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB). Some of the advantages and disadvantages may surprise you.

Digital Transformation of Project Organizations

This recorded live webinar discusses a practical, business-oriented approach to digital transformations, and how organizations can answer important questions before they launch their own programs.

Laing O’Rourke – Integrated Field Management & Labor Cost Management

This case study shares how Laing O’Rourke Australia implemented PRISM to provide change management control, create a robust labour productivity monitoring and control process, and establish an early warning mechanism to enable confident decision making.

Is Portfolio Management the Same as Project Management?

Portfolio management systems are designed and created for a different purpose than project management systems. While portfolio management systems are lacking many project management capabilities, they do offer several unique advantages for high-level planning.

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