IHI E&C International – Time Savings and Change Management Reporting



This case study explores how IHI E&C International Corporation (IHI E&C), a Houston-based engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company that provides energy solutions around the globe, utilizes ARES PRISM project controls software for cost management, change management, and reporting.

Like many project organizations, IHI E&C previously relied on high-level spreadsheets and needed a dependable tool to manage cost data, change, and provide standardized reporting while minimizing their dependency on spreadsheets. Implementing PRISM project management software resulted in IHI E&C saving 10-15% time during their closeout periods, increased confidence in report outputs, and creating a trusted centralized data source.


  • Project set-up consistency
  • Uniformity in reporting
  • Managing both large and small projects
  • Reliance on spreadsheets


  • Be deployed in the midst of a large EPC project
  • Replace temporary solution of spreadsheets
  • Provide cost reporting and change management
  • Import and export accounting data


  • Saved 10-15% time during the closeout period
  • Effectively saved money by reducing number of man-hours needed for cost support
  • Trusted centralized data source and audit trail of project changes
  • Reduction of errors caused by manual data input
  • Increased confidence in report outputs
  • Increased productivity

日本語 This case study is also available in Japanese.