Improving Change Management, Data Transparency & Reporting at an Upstream Oil & Gas Company



Managing projects is never an easy task. Problems appear out of seemingly thin air, scope changes can throw your budget and schedule out of whack, and human errors create confusion and allow for troublesome mistakes to be made. If all that was not bad enough, companies do not always have the tools necessary to manage their own projects and are left relying on contractors to provide them with a management solution – which is far from an ideal situation.


  • Dependency on contractors to manage & report on cost
  • Lack of change management
  • Limited transparency of data
  • Inaccurate reports


Implement integrated project lifecycle management software that has:

  • Advanced change management system
  • Accurate, out-of-the- box reporting
  • Audit trail to track where and when changes happened
  • Data transparency for all departments


  • Improved management of change
  • On time, accurate cost reports
  • Control over data, trends, and overall cost management
  • Reduced workload allowing more time for analysis of data

This case study is also available in Japanese.