5 Pillars of Project Controls



This white paper explores the fundamental elements required to deliver a mature, effective and robust project controls capability. The aim of every project controls team should be the delivery of actionable information, at the right time, in the appropriate format and correctly contextualized. This information is the basis for decision making and is critical for all types of projects regardless of size and complexity. Learn more about the five pillars of project controls today!

“While project management is far too complicated to be the culmination of only five things, these pillars are at the center of successfully planning for and managing a project. When work breakdown structure, estimation, schedule, cost, and change are all managed effectively, it makes it easier for everything else to fall into place.”


Agility in collecting, collating and analyzing the various and disparate information streams depends upon a technologically sound approach to delivering the project controls capability. For information to flow freely and without manual intervention, a holistic approach to the deployment of tools and solutions is needed. It must look for single points of data origination and multiple opportunities to federate that data to other locations in the workflow.