Why Project Owners Need Project Controls



This white paper explores best practices for owners to follow in regards to effective project management. It analyzes the level of control an owner needs when managing their projects, the various steps an owner can take to ensure that their projects are being managed correctly, and highlights the benefits to integrated project controls.

“In order for an owner to efficiently manage their project, they need an industry standard tool that is easy to use with the power and flexibility to adapt to the various execution models that can be employed.”


As we continue to work in the ever-changing world of capital projects, the opinions on how owners should perform project controls continue to alter between: 1) Duplicating everything the contractors do in an attempt to maintain control and monitor trends in the data. 2) Taking the “hands off the wheel” and letting the contractors manage everything and provide all project reporting themselves. 3) Hiring a project management consultant (PMC) as an agent to manage and report on project progress.  None of these approaches fully achieve the goal of providing the owner with a complete method to effectively manage and monitor their project.