Project Management Maturity: Using Software to Setup Project Management Processes



This white paper discusses the difficulties present when introducing a robust project controls system in an immature project management environment. It provides an overview of the benefits of using the implementation of software to drive project management maturity. And finally, how to successfully implement a robust software solution in a manner that will overcome the given challenges and provide the greatest benefits.

“Organizations without mature project management and project control processes often incorrectly believe that it is necessary to improve the maturity of the business before introducing more robust project controls software.”


It is not necessary to already have achieved mature and robust processes when implementing a project management and project controls solution. Implementing a scalable, robust, and intuitive system can harness industry best practices and support new, improved processes. This type of software, combined with the knowledge and expertise of a strong implementation team, can help drive organizational maturity of project processes and improve project and organizational performance.