Top Risks Mitigation Strategies



This white paper explores ten common risks associated with software solution implementations. Best-in-class organizations invest in enterprise solutions. But sometimes the implementation fails to deliver a Return on Investment (ROI) because these risks were not recognized and managed. This paper offers strategies to mitigate these risks and implement your chosen solution successfully using a proven project controls software implementation plan.

“To effectively implement a system, you need more than just the right software. You also need the right people on your team and good processes that are aligned with the intended use of the system.”


We see it happen too often. An organization makes an investment in an enterprise solution and then fails to integrate it with their company’s culture and business processes. The reasons for implementing an enterprise software system are to improve productivity, gain more visibility of performance, and improve control of a business function. But too often, in the frenzy that comes with tight budgets and looming deadlines, organizations make simple mistakes that throw the implementation off course. This leads to confusion, delays, and sometimes cost overruns.