Why Do We Need Good Project Controls?



This white paper explores why project management cannot be successful without strong project controls to keep the project on track. It identifies the components that make up a good project controls system (people, processes and software) and how this system ultimately helps an organization to achieve success.

“Poor project controls is reactive – spending time collecting data and producing reports, barely getting to the end of the month before starting the next cycle.”


Imagine if you will, a Project Management Professional who has been hired by a client to help manage the construction portion of a major project. The client traditionally used contractors to accomplish work on a lump sum basis, however the management of the organization felt that this approach was not delivering the right results. Instead management has opted to engage contractors on a time and materials basis. The client’s project team are hurled into a new environment where they have little experience, which is why the Project Management Professional was contracted to help. His first challenge is that the project team are not committed to the idea that project controls are valuable. Perhaps they have a point – simply having project controls is not enough. To effectively manage a project, you need “good” project controls.

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