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Turn Project & Program Data into Strategic Insight

Struggling to manage the full lifecycle of projects with differing data set versions and systems that do not communicate with one another is a constant problem many program managers and program directors face. They are operating through guesswork, unreliable spreadsheets, and already weeks-old data without a single source of centralized information for decision-making.

ARES PRISM centralizes your project controls and project processes to a single, unified platform, providing you with a core view of all project and program data. Leverage built-in industry best practice protocols and standards to minimize project risk and expedite consistency of data and insights with ARES PRISM

Real-Time Data for Improved Project Performance

ARES PRISM integrates seamlessly with ERP, financial, and scheduling systems to capture project and program data in a single database. Analyzing forecasts and trends with real-time information and gaining critical project performance insight allows you to identify any issues early on and rapidly deploy corrective actions.

A small overrun on one project might seem insignificant, but when multiplied across the organization they start to add up. ARES PRISM works as an early warning system so that you can quickly get on track before there’s a real problem.


ARES PRISM centralizes data and provides a means for increasing project maturity with improved processes and efficiency

Drive Organizational
Improve Project &
Organizational Performance
Analyze Real-Time
Project Information

Project Controls with Industry Best Practices

ARES PRISM provides unparalleled project controls based upon industry best practices, allowing for organizations to benefit from adopting proven standardized approaches for managing their budgets, forecasting, change management and reporting. Projects and employees alike benefit from these standardizations, practices and processes, and project stakeholders benefit by gaining predictability and the ability to easily evaluate performance and prioritization across the program.

ARES PRISM Built-In Benefits for Program Managers

  • Enhanced project maturity
  • Digitally transform your organization
  • Fast & economical roll-out
  • Strategically improve project performance
  • Real-time project information
  • Standardized coding across projects
  • PRISM gives you a library of data for new projects and proposals

Strategic Decision Making Made Better & Faster

A single source of real-time project performance data means improved visibility into forecasts and trends. Accurately forecast through ‘what if’ scenarios, evaluate performance across the program, and quickly respond to at-risk projects or strategic priorities with timely data.


Advance Project Management Maturity Levels

According to a study conducted by Wellingtone, less than one-third of organizations say that they are satisfied with their current project management maturity level. Additionally, 67% would rank their department’s project management maturity level at 3 or higher (out of 5 levels). Meanwhile, only 47% would rank their organization-wide project management maturity at level 3 or higher. This shows that there is a significant divide between department-level PM maturity and organization-level maturity.

ARES PRISM is a proven software solution that helps organizations advance their project management maturity in accordance to best practices and industry standards.

Strategies for Highly Effective PMOs

The Project Management Office (PMO) is responsible for enabling the decision-making process; verifying and reporting progress; and facilitating communication across Engineering, Procurement and Construction, Project Management Contract, and Owner Operator teams. Learn strategies utilized by high performing and maturing PMOs to accomplish these goals in our white paper.

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